Monday, October 20, 2008

Return of the Ackermonster

This month's issue of Rue Morgue Magazine is celebrating 50 years of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine with a big tribute to "Uncle Forry Ackerman" -- the man responsible for the magazine's success as well as for inspiring a whole generation of monster kids who went on to become Hollywood's top fantasy and Horror filmmakers

As many of you know "Uncle Forry" turned his passion for science fiction and horror into a career that helped fans of these genres all over the world unite in celebrating their passion.
He coined the term "sci-fi" and propelled fandom into a multi-million dollar business.
But most importantly "Uncle Forry" never grew up and in doing so has inspired fans of the fantastic to do the same and follow their dreams.
Rue Morgue's special tribute features an insightful interview with "Uncle Forry" as well as tributes from some of the Monster Kids he inspired including John Landis, Joe Dante, Rob Bottin, and even Gene Simmons of KISS.
You'll get to hear "Forry" retell the stories about the early days of fandom including the tale of his cross country tour during the early days of the magazine when he ended up personally visiting thousands of young readers and their friends all over the U.S. Great pictures accompany the entire interview like an image of a group of youngsters with homemade signs awaiting a visit from "Uncle Forry" and his wife back in 1964 during "Forry's" 8700 mile road trip to that year's World Fantasy Convention.
If you love horror and sci-fi and are actively involved in fandom you probably have "Uncle Forry" to thank for that, so go pick up your copy of Rue Morgue magazine and help pay tribute to our beloved "Ackermonster".


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