Thursday, October 30, 2008

Disney Adventures Magazine: Halloween 1993 issue in 3D

One of the great things about flipping through an old magazine is the feeling you get as if you have just had the opportunity to open up a time capsule. I love to collect magazines and have amassed a very large and eclectic collection over the years. Today we get to open up a mini time capsule from October 1993 with a Halloween issue of Disney Adventures Magazine.
One of the cool things about this issue is that pretty much all the content inside has been presented in the anaglyph 3D format. Even the ads for products such as toys and cereal are presented in 3D. For maximum enjoyment the magazine came with a pair of red/blue glasses in order to help the kids view the 3D images.

Another great thing about this issue is a story on "Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas" with images in 3D. This was probably one of the earliest articles written on the film since the film was released just in time for that year's Halloween season. Surprisingly the 3D works well enough in all these images, but "The Nightmare Before Christmas" images remind me of how far film technology has come in the last decade. I've been able to see the film in Digital 3D at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles and the feeling you get with the Real D - 3D Format employed in those presentations blows away every other 3D format by a long shot.

I have always loved 3D imagery and back in '93 this issue was a big treat.
Other highlights include a comic book featuring the characters from the Disney Afternoon animated show "Bonkers" and an article titled "Moon Walkers" about the first men to walk on the moon both presented in 3D.

Before we wrap it up here's a look at two more ads included in the magazine.

Big Rex ad in 3D

Skittles ad from rear cover

For more info on "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" in Disney Digital 3D visit the movie's official site.

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gilligan said...

Great post, but I'm fixated on Big Rex for a whopping 30 bucks fifteen years ago!


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