Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Ghostbusters are back this Halloween (Sort of)

Though its not quite as big news as a new Ghostbusters film, (what we fans have really been hoping for so long) the busters are back this month with a new comic book from IDW and a release of The Real Ghostbusters The Complete Series Collection from Time Life Video.

In the new book titled "Ghostbusters: The Other Side" the team captures a gang of ghosts comprised of the spirits of some of America’s most legendary gangsters. Doesn't really sound too exciting a tale and unfortunately the last comic book series based on the Ghostbusters was a major dissapointment. We'll have to wait and see about this one since it will be published as a miniseries so we won't get to judge the entire storyline for a couple more months.

Also available later this month is a Ghostbusters Manga One-Shot from Tokyo Pop featuring six different stories in 192 pages.

Unfortunately the highly anticipated Ghostbusters video game written by Dan Aykroyd and featuring all the original cast members has been pushed to summer 2009 due to publisher Sierra Entertainment's decision to drop the game. Fortunately Atari has come in to pick up the rights and will have it in stores next year.
Here's a look at the game's trailer.

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