Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TRON LEGACY: A tale of two Flynns...

By now all the TRON fans know that the story for the upcoming sequel TRON LEGACY focuses on the search for Kevin Flynn by his son Sam. Apparently Kevin has gone missing and has been tr aped somewhere inside the Grid for decades. As part of Spin Master's TRON LEGACY toy line we get a new Kevin Flynn figure and one of his son Sam. Let's take a closer look at them.

Regular readers of this blog will by now have noticed that I'm really into this new TRON LEGACY toy line. The light up features and the impulse projection technology on the figures as well as the highly detailed vehicles and role play items have really impressed me. Unfortunately I think Spin Master messed up big time on the Kevin Flynn figure. First off the face sculpt is terrible and the figure looks overweight. Neither body nor face sculpt come close to getting the look of the character right. The light up feature is used poorly since I don't think Kevin's robe lights up in the film and worse of all because the figure is white there is a crazy amount of light spill on the figure's chest.

I could kind of tell this was the case just from seeing the figure in the packaging but since this is the only figure currently available in the line based on the Jeff Bridges character I decided to pick it up anyhow. I got it at Toys 'R Us for $7.99. I would never pay the $10.99 or $11.99 price other retailers are asking for it. Online it's going even higher than that since apparently this is the short packed figure in the assortment.

I've only seen it twice in stores and while there's a good amount of the other characters on the pegs there's only been one Kevin Flynn figure at the two stores I've seen it. So when I found it cheap at Toys R Us I decided to pick it up.

The Sam Flynn figure is pretty awesome and really well sculpted and made. The light up feature on this one works beautifully and with barely any spill since the figures is made in black plastic. I really like it a lot and it fits in perfectly on both lightcycle vehicles. so far I haven't been able to get the Kevin Flynn vehicle into his lightcycle. The cockpit won't close. the freaking figure is too thick. I guess this version of Kevin has been pigging out these last two decades inside the electronic world.

Both figures come with really great accessories such as the identity disc and the baton which launches and controls the lightcycles. Spin Master has done an awesome job with this entire line so I can forgive them for messing up one figure. Unfortunately it's the figure of the most important character in the film and the TRON mythos. Hopefully this will be corrected and we'll get a better looking Kevin figure in a future wave. Here's hoping sales are good this Holiday season so we can get wave 2.

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