Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mattel Ghostbusters collection...

After many months of painfully going through the process of purchasing action figures from the scumbags at Matty Collector an theyir dumb ass website, I've finally completed my collection of Ghostbusters figures from the new Mattel "adult collector" line.

I only wanted the 4 'busters in their uniforms from the first flick, none of those stupid ass re-releases with different outfits or accessories for me. The figures look great and have tons of articulation as well as some highly detailed accessories. Mattel did a stupendous job on these but at $31.50 a pop (including shipping and handling charges) I ended up paying over $150.00 dollars for 5 action figures which in retrospect feels a bit like rape.

The greatest thing Mattel did on this line is the opportunity for fans to finally have a highly detailed version of the ghost containment unit. You can get it by purchasing the Walter Peck action figure, which is pretty much a reuse of the sculpt for Mattel's Movie Masters Two Face figure from The Dark Knight. They did go through the trouble of sculpting a new head to go along with the reused body and I must say the likeness to "dickless" is pretty accurate.

I couldn't justify spending $31.50 for a Walter Peck action figure so I told myself I was buying the ghost containment unit and getting a free Walter Peck figure. Sometimes you have to play mind-games to justify some of the stupid ways we toy collectors burn our money.

Other figures such as Ray and Egon come with pretty cool looking mini ghosts that you can pretend to capture with the ghost trap included with the Winston action figure.

All in all Mattel did a fine job with this line. I hope they keep up the good work and offer some of the other cool characters from Ghostbusters such as Lewis Tully and maybe even Janine.

Here's a look at some more pics I just took. Enjoy.

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