Monday, March 15, 2010

Rocketeer Kids Pizza Pack

I don't know if Pizza Hut is still doing this but back in the early 90s they used to have kids meals with promotional tie ins. Over the years they put together a lot of fun items for these kids meals based on such hot properties of the time as Star Trek: TNG, Fox Kids' X-Men animated series, and The Rocketeer. Today I'll be talking about the Rocketeer Pizza Pack offered at Pizza Hut restaurants in the summer of 1991.

The kids meal included a small personal pizza in a Rocketeer themed pizza box along with a drink in one of the most amazing cups ever offered at a fast food joint. The cup, made from really solid plastic (I still have one in perfect shape) featured the Rocketeer mask on the front with a lid in the shape of his helmet. The sculpting on the helmet lid is pretty impressive. This is probably one of my all time favorite fast food premiums.

As if the awesome cup wasn't enough you also got a Rocketeer Times booklet with awesome artwork and games inspired by the film and comic book series. My favorite images in this booklet are the blueprints for the Rocketeer jet pack and helmet. Rounding out this incredible kids meal package is a Rocketeer cardboard glider you could put together. You could get all this for the ridiculously cheap price of $2.99. These days you can't get a kids meal anywhere for such a low price, let alone one that includes such cool premiums.

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