Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mexican HE-MAN Bootleg...

During a recent search for vintage Masters of the Universe items on ebay I came across the following aberration worse than anything ever summoned from the depths of Snake Mountain.
It seems back in the 80s someone went through the trouble of putting together a boootleg line of Masters toys and role play accessories down in Mexico.

I found a great deals of images from the He-Man figure as well as the weapons and mask set. Here are some of the worst ones. Enjoy...

This is one scary ass looking He-Man mask. It doesn't even seem to come with anything to hold it up to your face.

I love how they ripped off the artwork from some of the early Mini Comics to use on the cheapo cardboard top.

The weapon (whatever the hell it is) looks like something similar to what Hordak would have, not He-Man. Feel free to comment and let me know if you've seen these before or any other example of Mexican Amos del Universo bootlegs.

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