Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rankin/Bass production of The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus finally comes to DVD

One of the most requested titles in the Rankin / Bass collection of TV specials is finally out on DVD through Warner Brother's Archive Collection DVD on demand service. You can order it directly through the WB online store or via I just placed my order so I don't have it yet but I'm glad to finally be able to see this one again. My brother has a VHS recording of the version that has aired in past years on ABC Family as part of their 25 days of Christmas line up, but it was edited down for broadcast and its missing an entire musical number among other trims. The special aired for the first time on CBS on December 17, 1985. I'll have a full review of this disc as soon as I get to watch it. The special will also be airing again this year on December 22 on ABC Family. Or if you don't mind seeing it in a small screen with low resolution you can watch it on youtube thanks to a brave soul that uploaded it recently.

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