Monday, November 29, 2010

TRON LEGACY: Movie theater premiums, Coke Zero, etc...

As we get closer to the December 17 release of TRON more movie theaters are starting to gear up with tons of cool promotions. My local AMC theater is giving away some really cool TRON LEGACY cups with the purchase of a large soft drink. The cups are meant to promote the film as well as the upcoming video game and the promotional tie in between Disney and Coke Zero. The coke cups should be available at all AMC theaters nationwide. You can also download a really cool TRON LEGACY / COKE ZERO app for your iphone right now for free.

The El Capitan theater in Hollywood will be giving away reusable plastic TRON LEGACY popcorn buckets to patrons who purchase pop corn during all the TRON showings from December 17 to January 20. I can't wait to see the film on opening weekend at The El Capitan, as they always do they'll be having some extra attractions for movie goers including a laser light show before every screening and some cool props on display in the theater lobby including a life size mock up of the new Sam Flynn lightcycle. Celebration Cinemas and Imax will also be having TRON popcorn buckets starting on December 1. You can refill your TRON buckets twice per visit at the theater. I'll have a full report from the TRON LEGACY opening weekend at the El Capitan theater as well as pics from any props on display.

If you hear of any other cool theater premiums or promotions for TRON LEGACY let me know in the comments section!

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