Thursday, November 25, 2010

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree...

It's odd that a symbol for speaking up against the commercialism of Christmas has actually become a mass produced item which pops up every holiday season in most stores. The pathetic little Christmas tree that Charlie Brown picks out at the tree market, for which he's made fun of by all his friends, has become an iconic image that millions have come to associate with the beloved character of Charlie Brown, his struggles and everything he stands for.

We finally picked up the decorative replica of this little tree after seeing it in stores every Christmas season. It's a reminder of one of our favorite Holiday traditions, watching A Charlie Brown Christmas with our loved ones and smiling with great joy as Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang make us laugh, cheer and stop to remember the true meaning of the season.

I'm glad that in a society which continues to try and veer away from the true meaning of Christmas we have a yearly reminder of what we should actually be celebrating thanks to good old Charlie Brown and this beloved television special.

As dinky as the little tree is it's one of the most beautiful ornaments you could put up this holiday season. Plus it's much cheaper than any tree at the lot. There's a lot of fun to be had with this little tree specially if you have any Peanuts figurines. We placed some of them under the tree to add to the fun.

I'm a big Peanuts fan so when the fall begins I have 3 great Holiday specials to look forward to. I also took out my skating Snoopy plush that my brother gave me for Christmas almost ten years ago. Another great Holiday souvenir which has a lot of meaning for me, just like the little tree had for Charlie Brown.

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