Sunday, February 14, 2010

LEGO Hoth Battle

I've never really talked much about Legos in any of my previous posts so I thought I'd start doing so since I have been playing with Legos from a very small age and in the past couple of years with the introduction of more sets based on some of my favorite movies like Indiana Jones and Star Wars I've started to get back into them again. For my first official Lego post I'll be taking a look at some of the Lego Star Wars sets you can use to recreate one of the coolest scenes in The Empire Strikes Back.

This year is the 30th anniversary of what is perhaps the finest film in the Star Wars saga and most of the Lucasfilm licensees will be celebrating by offering tons of new Empire merchandise like the upcoming definitive book The Making of The Empire Strikes Back by J.W. Rinzler and Hasbro's ESB vehicles and vintage style action figure line. Over the years Lego has offered multiple sets featuring vehicles and play set pieces from ESB. In this post I will be utilizing pieces from 3 of those sets to recreate the battle of Hoth.

With each new wave released Lego Star Wars sets get even more detailed and intricate. Every new set continues pushing the limits of what can be achieved with Legos. With the exception of the Clone Wars line I think all of Lego's Star Wars offerings are truly superb. I will be doing more dioramas and reviews on future Lego Star Wars sets as well as a couple of flashback reviews on their now canceled Indiana Jones line. But for now let's turn our attention back to The Empire Strikes Back. The sets I'll be using for this diorama are set 7749 Echo Base, set 7666 Hoth Rebel Base, and set 4500 Rebel Snowspeeder. Now lets re-live the Battle of Hoth Lego style:

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LEon said...

Wow! That's very well taken for the diorama with the lighting and camera view. It look really fun!


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