Friday, November 27, 2009

Under the Christmas tree...

Every year my family and I like to put together a display under the Christmas tree. Over the years we've had displays such as a nativity scene, and even an entire holiday village with a working train. My two favorite ones from recent years have been our Charlie Brown Christmas display and our Rankin / Bass Christmas specials display. Here's a look at them.




Wings said...

We have some of the Rudolph figures. Very cool post!

Reis O'Brien said...

I cannot express enough how unbelievably awesome this is! I love it! I spotted the Peanuts figures this year at Toys R Us and thought about getting them to make my own display and am now completely inspired!

Thanks for posting these!

What's this year's theme going to be?

Nostalgic Gangsta said...

Thanks for the comments. I hope this inspires you to put your own display together. Send me pics or post them on your blog if you do. Happy Holidays!!

Nostalgic Gangsta said...

Not 100% sure yet about this years display, but I'm leaning towards A CHRISTMAS STORY.
I'll put up pics once its done.

djtitoflow said...

we only have 4 a christmas story figures, and they dont take as much advantage of a snow display. i suggest doing rankin or peanuts, but changin up the display to make it feel new.
PS: there are "santa claus is coming to town" figures from memory lane, but they seem hard to find. investigate this.


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