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G.I.JOE: The Greatest Missions Pt. 2...

- "Reinstated" (G.I.JOE Volume 2 # 1-4, Devil's Due / September 2001-March 2002)

The first storyline from the folks at Devils Due picks up years after the Marvel run as the G.I. Joe team is called back into action to confront the threat of Cobra who has been in hiding for years now planning his return. Snake Eyes has a new apprentice, Kamakura. Flint and Lady Jay are now married and after having left Scarlett at the altar Snake Eyes reunites with his beloved. A great start to the second volume of G.I.Joe tales.

- "The Return of Serpentor" (G.I.JOE Volume 2 # 16, 22-25 Devil's Due / April 2003, October 2003- January 2004)

Dr. Mindbender's clone is up to his predecessor's old tricks discovering a way to bring back the Cobra Emperor. A new revelation about the process of creating the original Serpentor adds a great new spin to the tale. The return of Serpentor also introduces us the The Coil, a secret organization of followers who want Serpentor to assume command of Cobra. The arrival of this new faction triggers a second civil war and sets the stage for a massive battle on Cobra island between the Joes, The Coil, and Cobra. The final issue of this arc is one of the most exciting and action packed ever.

- "Union of the Snake" (G.I.JOE Volume 2 # 36-41 Devil's Due / November 2004- April 2005)

The G.I.Joe team is slimmed down and the mysterious General Rey is placed in command. Cobra commander returns to take control of Cobra.

- "Dawn of the Red Shadows" (G.I.JOE Volume 2 # 42=43 Devil's Due / May-June 2005)

Volume 2 of G.I.Joe comics comes to a close with the arrival of a new threat to both the Joes and Cobra. By the end of the story both sides will have taken some heavy hits by the Red Shadows and the Joes will say goodbye to one of their fellow team mates as Lady Jaye dies at the hands of Dela Eden, a Red Shadows agent.

"Cobra Reborn" (One Shot, Devil's Due / January 2004)

An amazingly well written reinterpretation of Cobra for the 21st century. Much better conceived than the storyline for The Rise of Cobra and very respectful of the previous works by Larry Hamma. A must read.

- "G.I.JOE: Declassified" ( 3 part Mini Series, Devil's Due / June-October 2006)

Larry Hamma goes back to the events prior to the first issue of Marvel's G.I.Joe to fill us in on the early origins of the Joe team. Featuring the first batch of Joes ever including Breaker, Clutch, Flash, Grand Slam, Grunt, Hawk, Rock 'n' Roll, Scarlett, Short-Fuse, Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Steeler, and Zap.

- "Snake Eyes: Declassified" ( 6 part Mini Series, Devil's Due / August 2005-January 2006)

A great presentation of Snake Eyes entire life prior to joining the team as well as his early missions including the event that led to his disfiguration and loss of speech. This tale intertwines all the classic Larry Hamma Snake eyes tales in chronological order giving readers the ultimate dossier on the life of the JOE team's greatest warrior.

"In Sheep's Clothing" ( G.I.Joe: America's Elite 13-18)

Taking place a year after the events of The Real American Hero series, America's Elite features a slimmed down team of Joes as they continue the struggle against the latest Cobra threat. The most horrific event ever for national security happens as Cobra Commander is able to install himself in the White House posing as Chief of Staff Garret Freedlowe.

"World War 3" (G.I.Joe: America's Elite 25-36)

Everything comes down to one final confrontation between the Joes and the forces of Cobra. This tale brings to a close 25 years of continuity starting with the Marvel run in the early 80's.
A storyline filled with great twists and turns and a fitting end to a quarter century of storytelling.

G.I.Joe Resolute (11 part animated mini series / Original air date: April 26,2009 - Adult Swim)

Written by Warren Ellis and featuring top notch animation this 11 part mini series comprised of 5 minutes long episodes features all our favorite characters with great action and a storyline that is very respectful of the comic book mythology. The best piece of G.I.Joe animation ever produced. Much better than The Rise of Cobra. In fact Paramount should have released a Resolute animated feature film instead of the terribly plotted and poorly executed live action film.

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