Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas in Hollis

Originally released back in 1987, RUN DMC's Christmas in Hollis is one of the greatest Christmas music videos ever. The song was included on the 1987 A Very Special Christmas album, the first in a series of compilations to benefit the Special Olympics. The video is a great example of what made music videos in the 80's so much fun, it actually has a story and it plays like a short film. Plus the performers don't take themselves too seriously, unlike the over the top performance music videos we get nowadays which have no story elements to them and are nothing more than self gratifying junk. I love the look of the video, even the cheesy FX work for Santa's sleigh flying across the sky. Santa's control room with the Simon game used as a naughty or nice switch is awesome. The old school video composites and the colorful production design instantly take you back in time to the late 80s. Here it is in all its glory.

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