Thursday, October 14, 2010

Target and Toys R Us Star Wars merchandise reset...

Both Target and Toys R Us are celebrating the 30th anniversary of EMPIRE and the new season of Clone Wars with major resets to their shelves in order to focus on new Star Wars products as well as great deals and exclusives. The Target reset takes place on the 17th of October but most stores in my area already have everything up. I was able to pick up their exclusive vintage packaging Rebel Snowspeder and the Attack & Defense of Hoth battle packs. You can also get Saga Legends and Clone Wars action figures for 5 bucks a piece 'till Sunday.

Toys R Us also has a great display at the front of the store and they have the exclusive vintage packaging Snow AT-AT from Empire available.

For Tron fans a lot of merchandise from the upcoming TRON LEGACY is popping up at both Target and TRU. I found some Target exclusives at my local store too.
Happy Hunting!


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