Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Double Feature: Vampires and Zombies

If you plan on staying in tonight and watching Halloween themed flicks may I suggest two little known gems. One from the 80s another from the 90s, both just as fun and wacky.

Lets start things off with the lost classic from 1987 "My Best Friend is a Vampire", starring Robert Sean Leonard, David Warner, Rene Auberjonois (Odo from ST:DS9), and Paul Wilson from "Cheers". This comedy not only has a great cast but its also has all the staples of 80s teen schlock cinema. After a brief sexual encounter with an attractive older woman (who happens to be a vampire) high-schooler Jeremy Capello begins to go through a series of changes.

He soon learns the reason for all this after a Vampire guidance counselor, played by Rene Auberjonois, pays him a visit and tells him he is slowly turning into a Vampire after being beaten by one of them during his evening sexual encounter. Soon Jeremy becomes the target of a demented Vampire hunter and his assistant, while at the same time he tries to get the girl of his dreams to fall for him.

"My Boyfriend's Back" takes every single element from Zombie movies and combines it with John Hughes-like teen angst to create a pretty unique and clever flick. The film is a teen love story about the difficulties of scoring a date for the prom with your dream girl. Making things even more difficult for our protagonist is the fact that he's dead. A must watch if you missed it during its original release. These two films did not reach wide audiences during their theatrical runs and unfortunately they rarely pop up on TV. These two films would've been perfect for USA's UP ALL NIGHT.

Here's your chance to enjoy them thanks to the magic of YOUTUBE:


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